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Free Lifetime Updates – Yes! You Read That Correctly!

Once you purchase a professional resume from Resume Pundits, your financial obligation is done, however we will provide lifetime resume updates for you as your career progresses at no additional charge! Simply give us a call, and we will update a previously written resume. For Free! Of course, we can’t create unlimited resumes, but a free update every 6 months for life is included!

Don't be Fooled!

At Resume Pundits, we understand the importance of a phone conversation with your writer. For this reason, there is NEVER an extra charge to speak directly with a writer. Don’t fall for the bait and switch! Other companies may wait until you have paid to inform you there is an extra fee to speak with your writer. Get talking about your career and resume now!

Multiple Targeted Versions of Your Resume Included

Applying for two different jobs that require your resume to be tailored to each? No Problem! Multiple versions of your resume are included in the purchase price. Don’t let other services charge you for each version of your resume. Afterwards, we will update your cover letter and resume and no charge every 6 months for life! We cannot offer both a standard and federal format, but we will discount if you need both.

Native English Speaking Resume Writers

Unlike many of our competitors, your professional resume is not outsourced to other countries. You will have a 1:1 conversation with your assigned writer and work with the same writer throughout the process.

Exceptional Customer Service

At Resume Pundits, our professional CV writers build your resume from scratch, highlighting the skills and experience that make you a unique candidate. We also create multiple versions of your CV and cover letter, tailoring them to each specific position you apply to.

Our team is made up of former recruiters and HR professionals, so we can give you insider advice that ensures you succeed. We’re here to coach you through your interview and teach you what to say during salary negotiations.

From interview tips to helping you craft the perfect cover letter, customer satisfaction at Resume Pundits is guaranteed. Resume Pundits wants to help you level up your career. Explore our additional services today.

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